Please see attached note sent to all Unions, sub-Unions/Zones and Referees’ Associations by RA’s Head of Integrity – a strong message in regard to protection of Match Officials.

The document has 3 positive aspects:

  1. Clear directive to Member Unions on the seriousness of the issue.
  2. Clear sanctioning detail.
  3. Clarity on how Member Unions or competitions need to approach the process.

Welfare sub-committee

As announced at the recent Education/Season kick off, your association has established a Welfare sub-committee to, amongst other functions, assist our members in the event they are involved in a Respect Rugby incident and Tom Nichol and Max Fulton will present on their plans and initiatives at the next education night.

Association bowls day on Sunday 28 March 2021

Remember to RSVP to the Association bowls day on Sunday 28 March 2021 – limited spots left.